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Insurance Enrollment and Credentialing Experts for Healthcare Providers

PracticeWorx understands the frustrating but necessary process of credentialing and health insurance enrollment required of healthcare providers when running a practice, or setting up a new practice. As a participating provider in the insurance company’s preferred network, you will have the opportunity to grow your practice and expand your patient base. But as important as the health insurance enrollment and credentialing process are, they are also time-consuming, redundant, and can take a long time to finish, especially if any mistakes are made along the way. Medicare provider enrollment is particularly complex when it comes to knowing the correct form(s) to submit or whether to use PECOS for an on-line application. And what is CAQH? Is that needed too?

While you could process your own paperwork or try to hire a staffer who is familiar with health insurance enrollment and credentialing, save yourself time, money, and headaches by partnering with PracticeWorx a professional credentialing service. The credentialing service experts at PracticeWorx become part of your staff, your own in-house credentialing department, enabling you to focus on your patients rather than worrying about paperwork and deadlines.

At PracticeWorx, our credentialing service experts know the health insurance enrollment and credentialing process requirements , making us highly effective and efficient, ensuring enrollment is correct to expedite completion. We also provide on-going credentialing process services to keep participating with the insurers and on staff with facilities: tracking deadlines, expiration and renewal dates, and all your re-credentialing requirements.

Why PracticeWorx

Your own in-house enrollment and credentialing experts, increasing your revenue opportunities with effective and efficient performance.


Provider Enrollment

Speeding up the enrollment process with Medicare, Medicaid and other commercial insurers allows you to see patients faster and get paid for services sooner.


Credentials Management

Keeping you credentialed and up to date with hospitals and insurers to maintain your revenue stream.


Credentials Verification

The process of verifying the accuracy of the qualifications of a healthcare provider from an original source of that credential is


Who We Help

The short answer is: We help all health care providers. At PracticeWorx, our credentialing experts can assist individual healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, physician assistants, dentists, occupational and physical therapists, speech therapists, behavioral health professionals, urgent care centers, home health agencies and others who need to go through the enrollment process or stay on top of their credentialing.

Our provider health insurance enrollment and credentialing services are customized for practices of any size and specialty, as well as clinics, surgery centers, labs, and more. We act as a department within the practice, handling enrollment for a new practice or new health care providers joining an organization and maintaining credentials on an on-going basis to keep you credentialed with insurers and practice facilities. You can benefit from our professional credentialing services whether you are joining a practice, leaving one to start your own, or even if you’re moving your practice to a new location.

Whether we are working with individuals or organizations, we make it easier to focus on patients instead of paperwork and credentialing deadlines. We take the headache out of enrollments and credentialing, and we get everything done with precision and speed. Choose the credentialing experts at PracticeWorx to ensure your health care provider enrollment and credentialing is completed accurately and on time, every time.



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Where We Work & Insurance Carriers We Work With

Where We Work & Insurance Carriers We Work With